Air Force Veteran Shoots and Kills Armed Robber Who Pistol-Whipped Him [VIDEO]

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A United States Air Force veteran working as a cashier at a store is being touted as a hero after his quick action led to the death of a would-be robber. The veteran sustained minor injuries after he was pistol-whipped by one of the suspects. Clearly these thieves never realized they would be going up against an armed veteran.

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The situation began when two masked men entered Kam’s Market in Bay Point, California around 11 p.m. Sunday night. Surveillance footage from the store captured the moment the men ran into the store and hopped the counter while Mark Kasbrowicz was counting the money in the drawer.

As one of the would-be robbers held one of Kasbrowicz’s co-workers at gunpoint off-camera, another approached the veteran and demanded the money. Apparently deciding that Kasbrowicz wasn’t responding quickly enough, the thief punched Kasbrowicz in the head and then pistol-whipped him.

As he lay on the ground in agonizing pain, Kasbrowicz decided it was time to go for his pistol in the drawer next to the cash register.

“I don’t know if it was fear and adrenaline kicked in together, but I tried to protect myself a little. He forced me onto the ground, he held me down,” Kasbrowicz told San Francisco’s KGO-TV.

As he sprung up from the ground, the suspect grabbing the money from the register realized Kasbrowicz was going for a gun.

Despite hitting the veteran numerous times with the butt of his pistol, Kasbrowicz was able to fire off the weapon once. The two suspects immediately ran towards the exit but not before Kasbrowicz could issue some justice of his own.

As the suspect who had hit him ran towards the door, Kasbrowicz took another shot. “I just looked around, and he was running, and just by instinct, I let go a shot,” Kasbrowicz explained. “I managed to squeeze off one round, and apparently after the fact I found out that I actually hit him.”

The would-be robber was found dead in the parking lot of the store, Fox News reported. “Sure he is deceased now but then again I’m lucky to be alive, I am lucky my co-worker is alive,” Kasbrowicz said of the man he killed. “I was certainly in shock when I saw the video. I didn’t know how serious it was until I actually saw it.”

Kasbrowicz received 17 staples in his head from the pistol-whip. Local police stated he was acting in self-defense and no charges are expected to be brought against Kasbrowicz.

The second suspect was able to flee the scene. An investigation is underway in an effort to identify the suspect.