Air Force Looking for Help to Find Box of Grenades That Fell Off a Truck

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The Air Force is reaching out to the general public in hopes of recovering a cache of explosive grenade rounds that tumbled off of a truck while it drove down a gravel road. The box contained MK 19 automatic grenade launcher munitions that were being transported between ICBM sites. After an extensive search of the area, they are still missing.

The crate of explosives is believed to have fallen off a truck as it traveled down a gravel road in or around Mountrail County, North Dakota.

According to Gizmodo, the grenade rounds were under the purview of the 91st Missile Wing Security Forces, located at Minot Air Force Base, and the box went missing as it was being transported.

Reportedly, a group of Airmen were traveling down the road on May 1 when the back hatch of the vehicle opened, allowing the container of explosive ammunition to tumble out.

On May 11, over 100 airmen were sent out to walk the six-mile route where the grenades were most likely lost. After two weeks, the munitions have still not been located.

The Air Force asserts it does not consider the case of missing grenades to be a criminal matter. They are now offering a $5,000 reward to the person who returns them.

“We are hoping to get contacted by someone soon with information that leads to the can’s return,” said Air Force Lt. Col. Jamie Humphries.

He also issued a warning to those who may have the grenades, stating that mishandling the devices could result in them going off.

Kenneth G. Halvorson, the Mountrail County Sheriff, also chimed in on the danger of handling the ammunition, saying that an attempt to fire the explosive devices from anything other than an MK 19 would result in “catastrophic failure.”

Anyone with knowledge of the whereabouts of the grenades is encouraged to contact the Air Force Special Investigations Office or local authorities.