Actor Chris Pratt Criticized For Patriotic T-Shirt That Directly Supports Veterans [VIDEO]

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Earlier this week, actor Chris Pratt was criticized by mobs of online users after he posted a picture of himself in a patriotic shirt, with many users claiming the actor was a “white supremacist.” Pratt has stayed silent on the matter, but there is a back story to the shirt he was attacked for wearing — it supports a pro-veteran nonprofit group.

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Pratt posted an image on his Instagram of a shirt reading “don’t tread on me,” which is basically a Revolution-era Gadsden flag. Ironically, this flag had no ties to any race, so it makes it more puzzling as to why Pratt was attacked in the first place.

The shirt is apparel from the “Brain Treatment Foundation,” a nonprofit organization that helps veterans who suffer from PTSD and other issues, according to their website.

Pratt has publicly supported the organization since 2016 with numerous pictures of the apparel uploaded to his social media accounts. According to the Daily Wire, the organization jumped into the social media cesspool and defended Pratt by stating on their Facebook page they were “honored” by the actor’s support.

“We are honored to work with the silent warriors who sacrifice greatly so that others may live free, who defend our freedom, who live with honor and by the word of God. These warriors hunt evil to protect our peace, while those who disparage their sacrifices and our nation from behind a computer screen, pretend it doesn’t exist,” the organization said.

They concluded their statement by adding: “We are proud of the American flag and all symbols that represent the freedom brave men and women have shed blood for since the inception of our great country.”

A board member of the organization, Nicole Fisher, also came to the defense of Pratt. “We are honored to work with the silent warriors who sacrifice greatly so that others may live. [Brain Treatment Foundation] is there for any #veteran suffering the consequences of war. And we’re honored Chris supports [Brain Treatment Foundation]. #SupportChrisPratt.”

Fisher claims she was then flooded with hate-filled emails the following day. It would help if people would actually do some research before they begin attacking the people and organizations that support veterans.