Putin Publishes New Shirtless Photo Gallery of His Latest Siberian Vacation [VIDEO]

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Valdimir Putin is known for trying to maintain an image of vitality, youth and strength in the media. The Russian leader recently took a vacation to the Tuva region in Siberia along with his defense minister Sergei Shoigu.

Putin was shirtless in nearly all of the photos except for a couple of him in a wet suit and a jacket.

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The leader took a dip in the lake for a little exercise:

At one point, Putin seemingly entered the water to catch fish with his bare hands:

Here Putin prepares for a dive:

Putin completing a dive:

Here we see Putin bringing in a large fish he has just caught:

Defense minister ¬†Shoigu apparently decided to follow Putin’s lead and go shirtless:

Putin might be reflecting on international relations as he gets his line into the water.

Putin takes some time to enjoy the sun and scenery:

Perhaps Putin was demonstrating the size of a fish he caught in this photo:

The Russian leader reels in a good looking fish:

Not the biggest fish caught during the trip, but a worth photo op nonetheless:

Putin has the fish where he wants it:

Putin takes the helm of the boat:

Here is an action video of Putin from the vacation: