ABC News Airs Video Proclaiming it was of Syrian War Zone. Only It Wasn’t. [VIDEO]

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Media blunders by the larger, more prestigious networks are rare. But ABC News found themselves the laughing stock of television news after using 2017 footage from a U. S. gun range and claiming it to be war footage from Syria. This footage quickly went viral with many wondering how this could even happened.

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The incident took place Sunday night when ABC World News Tonight with David Muir covered the evolving issue in Syria, where the Turks have been attacking the U.S. backed Kurds. Muir explains the footage behind him indicating that it is actual war footage showing the Turks bombing the Kurdish civilians.

“This video right here appearing to show the Turkish military bombing Kurd civilians in a Syrian border town. The Kurds, who fought alongside the US against ISIS now horrific reports of atrocities, committed by Turkish-backed fighters on those very allies…,” Muir stated.

At one point, Muir even runs out of breath and claims the situation is “rapidly spiraling out of control in Syria.”

Only the footage shown to the masses was not even footage from Syria. It was from the Knob Creek Gun Range in West Point, Kentucky. The so-called “bombing footage” ABC tried to pass off was actually a celebratory night shoot the gun range does every so often.

The really troubling part of the blunder was the fact that Muir proclaimed that civilians were being killed, which really hurt the credibility of the organization.

As of now, it isn’t clear if ABC tried to intentionally give out false information to further push an agenda or if they were duped into thinking it was war footage.

But the real question remains: How does this get put on the news where millions of people are looking for facts? Was there nobody higher up looking at the footage? In reality, the footage could be disproven with a quick Google search.

As if showing the incorrect video once wasn’t already a black eye for the organization, Breitbart reported the same footage was shown on Good Morning America on Monday.

ABC News has since issued a statement apologizing for the mistake. “[W]e’ve taken down video that aired on World News Tonight Sunday and Good Morning America this morning that appeared to be from the Syrian border immediately after questions were raised about its accuracy. ABC News regrets the error.”