Abandoned Puppy Wakes Up After Being Euthanized by Veterinarian

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Some areas of the country have a glut of adoptable animals. Shelters are to full. This has resulted in a thousands of animals being euthanized. Cats and dogs that don’t have much hope of adoption are often euthanized to make space for others coming into the shelters. And Rudolph was no exception.

The lucky mutt is a true mixed-breed. Though the vets aren’t positive, they guess Rudolph is a mix of American pit bull and lab. He’s still a puppy, but past that cute phase–mostly. There are a lot of these mutts in Oklahoma. As a result, the veterinarian at the shelter where Rudolph was dumped euthanized him.

The dog nodded off, which is normal. The vet left the room. When he returned, the dog was awake. The vet was moved and didn’t have the heart to give Rudolph a second injection.

Instead, the dog was sent north, away from the glut of adoptable dogs in Oklahoma. He landed in Kings Harvest Pet Rescue in Iowa.

“So we brought him to our shelter in hopes somebody would come adopt him and give him a second chance at life,” Kings Harvest posted on Facebook.

Kings Harvest is a ‘no-kill’ shelter in Davenport, Iowa. There, the story of Rudolph began to spread. His story went viral.

The social media posts worked. Now there are many asking about adopting the dog. One of these is a breeder and trainer who specializes in connecting veterans with dogs.

The fate of Rudolph seems assured. He will have a new home. The larger question about how he survived the euthanasia remains a mystery. No one seems willing to guess at how it happened, or why.

It has certainly given the young pup an advantage and set hi apart from the other dogs who are still desperately waiting for their own happy endings.