A pair of glasses were left on the floor at a museum and everyone thought it was art

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Visitors to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art fell victim to a prank this week and were convinced that a simple pair of glasses on the floor was a postmodern masterpiece.

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“Upon first arrival we were quite impressed with the artwork and paintings presented in the huge facility,” 17-year-old TJ Khayatan said. “However, some of the ‘art’ wasn’t very surprising to some of us.”

“We stumbled upon a stuffed animal on a gray blanket and questioned if this was really impressive to some of the nearby people.”

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Working on the theory that people will stare at, and try to come up with an artistic interpretation of, anything inside a gallery, Khayatan put down a pair of glasses and simply walked away.

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Within minutes, a small crowd gathered around the glasses, keeping a respectful distance from the piece. Of course, the cameras came out so people could get detailed shots of this work of art.

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“I can agree that modern art can be a joke sometimes, but art is a way to express our own creativity,” he added. “Some may interpret it as a joke, some might find great spiritual meaning in it. At the end of the day, I see it as a pleasure for open-minded people and imaginative minds.”

Khayatan’s tweet of the experiment has been retweeted more than 50,000 times and comments came in quickly:

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Some even had fun making their own faux modern art descriptions of the exhibit.

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A lot of people want to know about the writing on the white papers stuck to the wall above the glasses.

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One of the ladies caught on camera appreciating the exhibit even got called out on Twitter.

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Is this the next big trend in art? Can an apartment be a gallery, because people have all sorts of crap all over the place in their apartment.

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Most people thought it was a brilliant way to poke fun at modern art and gallery dwellers.

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It’s not the first time Khayatan has had fun with people at an art museum, having done something similar with a baseball cap. Seems like anything can be modern art if you put it down and start taking pictures to draw a crow

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