A Drug Dealer Pardoned by Obama is Already Back in Prison

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That didn’t last long. A drug dealer who had his life sentence commuted by President Obama during his second term has been arrested for a sizable parole violation. Looks like his short stay on the outside is over.

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Robert M. Gill was busted Thursday after police caught him dealing cocaine. The 68 year-old had more than two pounds of cocaine in a backpack when he was spotted trying to make a sale in San Antonio, TX.

Gill, a Vietnam vet, was originally imprisoned for distribution of cocaine and heroin in 1990. The estimated street value on the drugs he was carrying this time tops $26,000.

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Bexar County police are pressing charges that could land Gill back in jail for an additional 40 years.

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This turn for Gill is unexpected for those who worked with him after his release. The non-violent drug offender left prison when he was pardoned and found work as a paralegal with a law firm specializing in criminal defense.

Gill wasn’t working alone. He made the pick-up in a local grocery store parking lot. When police attempted a traffic stop, Gill fled. He began a short-lived high-speed chase that ended when he rammed another vehicle. He then fled on foot, but the aging Gill was unprepared for a foot race with police.

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Obama’s pardon was generous, and acknowledged efforts Gill had made in prison to distance himself from his past.  “You have demonstrated the potential to turn your life around,” Obama said. “Now it is up to you to make the most of this opportunity.”

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Making the most of the opportunity, for Gill, included taking possession of a backpack that contained a kilo of cocaine.

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The Daily Mail reports that Ronald Schmidt, one of the lawyers instrumental in helping Gill appeal his life sentence, isn’t happy. “I’m so disappointed to hear that he got arrested again,” Schmidt said.

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