A Bunch of 11-Year-Olds We’re Asked to Design the Car of the Future. Here’s What They Came Up With.

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Car design hasn’t progressed as fast as designers in the 20th century had hoped. While many tech companies are pouring money into the self-driving car concepts, the actual vehicle itself looks like most of the other vehicles on the market. And there still isn’t a practical flying car. Where are the genuinely radical new designs?

Perhaps in the minds of children. “GoCompare, a Wales-based car insurance comparison company,” The Verge writes, “asked a handful of London school children to design the automobile of the future, and then had an illustrator bring their drawings to life.”

There is a solid reason to look to new designs. The UK has announced that it will ban the sale of fossil fueled vehicles in 2040. You may still own one if you have one, but the change is coming.

The kids’ drawings didn’t have to solve the complex problems facing engineers, but they did offer some surprising new body styles. “There is lots of cute, fluffy, and robot-based designs,” GoCompare’s Andrew Campion noted, “however there are also lots of eco-friendly designs and features which is interesting. In terms of alternative fuel sources, the children suggested everything from hydroelectricity, solar power and even (perhaps expectedly) chocolate!”

Underwater cars would open up all kinds of options.

It is unclear if the wings on this one are functional.

The beast racer.

Tires on the rails. That’s new.

I’ve seen something like this before.

This one flies and can drive, too.

I have no idea what’s going on here, but it looks as if this one can cross into the land of the dead, which would be useful for all kinds of reasons.