A 14-Year-Old Girl’s Party at a Rented House Caused $20,000 in Damage. Now Her Parents Must Pay Up

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A 14-year-old girl used her parents’ credit card to rent a house, giving her a venue for a wild party. It was estimated that nearly 200 teens attended the bash, and the cops were contacted after things got out of control. But, the trouble doesn’t end there, as the teens caused $20,000 in damage to the property.

Last week, police were called to a home in West Vancouver, Canada, on a report of an “uncontrolled party.”

“We had a number of calls reporting a disturbance at that house, and it appeared a party was getting out of control,” said Constable Jeff Palmer, a spokesman for the West Vancouver Police, according to a report by the Vancouver Sun.

When officers arrived, nearly 200 teenagers began “flooding out” of the home, as they encountered a scene likely reminiscent of the 2012 film Project X.

The property was seriously damaged during the party, including walls, furniture, and art within the home. Alcohol was also found on the premises.

“Walls were kicked in, furniture was smashed, artwork was smashed, furniture was tossed off the balcony into a hot tub,” said Palmer. A “number of containers indicating alcohol had certainly been a part of the gathering” were also found.

During the subsequent investigation, police discovered that the house had been rented through an online agency by the 14-year-old girl.

The girl said the party got out of control quickly and was well beyond its intended size, which she stated was around 50 people.

While the girl didn’t have her parents’ permission to use their credit card, according to the police report, they are going to be stuck with the bill for the damages.

The girl’s family has agreed to pay, and the homeowner is not pursuing any criminal charges.

Local law enforcement is also trying to identify any of the individuals who may have caused the damage, and are seeking additional information from those who may have details about what occurred.