9,000 Barrels of Bourbon Fall in Epic Distillery Building Collapse [VIDEO]

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The numbers are staggering. 9,000 barrels of Barton 1792 Distillery bourbon fell when a building where they were being aged suffered a catastrophic failure. The weight of the bourbon is believed to be the cause of the collapse, and the spectacle looks vintage bombardment photos from the European theater.

As this is bourbon we’re talking about, it will come as no surprise that this happened in Kentucky. Most of the accounts of the collapse noted the shocking details of the incident first, and then eased the minds of anxious readers by noting that the barrels seemed to withstand the fall. The bourbon seems to have survived. Shaken, not stirred.

Oh, and no one was hurt in the accident.

“The building, which holds up to 20,000 barrels, was having a wall repaired,” CNN notes. “The collapse brought down half of the structure.”

If the bourbon had spilled, it would have been a disaster for the company, and for its customers, and for the local ecosystem. The warehouse is above a creek.

Each barrel holds 53 gallons of bourbon. That would have introduced a significant amount of alcohol into the creek. When news of the collapse broke, Department for Environmental Protection agents from the state went to the site.

Reports say the water tests came back clean, confirming the idea that the barrels remain intact.

As is, the clean up will still be complicated. Each barrel weighs in at 550 pounds, and their unique shape makes them prone to roll. Picking apart the remains of the building and moving all of the loose barrels will prove challenging.

Distillery officials did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The building’s owner, the Sazerac Company, also could not be reached.
Typically, each barrel holds 53 gallons of bourbon and weighs about 550 pounds, according to WLKY.