So Many People Were Murdered in Chicago This Month it Broke This 20 Year Old Record

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Hey Rahm Emanuel, tell us how that gun-control thing is working out for you. And tell us what you plan to do about now that The Windy City’s nickname is The Bleeding City. Will you continue to unconstitutionally disarm law abiding citizens, now that the city with the tightest gun-control laws in the country has more murders in the last month than New York City and Los Angeles combined?

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Something in Chicago is clearly broken. The city’s police force is understaffed and unpopular with the citizenry. And these same officers are really the only option the city has for defense–defense that is clearly needed. In August of 2016, there were 90 murders in Chicago. This is the most murders in one single month in 20 years.

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And this presumes that the police know about all of the homicides–that they’ve found all of the bodies.

This number, a statistic that has been officially provided by the Chicago Police, is much higher than the number for the same month in 2015 (which only saw 54 murders). All together, there were at least 384 shootings in August. From those shootings, there were 472 people shot.

The 90 victims in the month of August put the number for the year at 467. At this rate, the city should top the 700 murdered mark by the end of the year. This is a bit high, but still within the dismal expectations most have for crime within Chicago–they’ve been above the 600 mark since 2003.

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What is the city doing to combat the crime wave? Arrests are up by 18 percent. Gun arrests have increased a marginal 5 percent. This isn’t enough, and it isn’t keeping pace with the increase in gun related fatalities.

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So who’s responsible for the violence? No mystery there. Most of the shootings are believed to be gang related. The city swept up 200 or more gang members in August trying to find the people “who contribute to the cycle of violence in some neighborhoods,” the police said in a statement from Police Supt. Eddie Johnson.

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“The historical cycle of violence we have seen in some communities must come to an end,”  he said “Repeat gun offenders who drive the violence on our streets should not be there in the first place and it is time to changes the laws to ensure these violent offenders are held accountable for their crimes.”

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It remains to be seen how Chicago will begin to combat these problems. In a city legal concealed carry is all but impossible, there has to be an active police force that’s omnipresent. And that, with the problems facing police in this country, seems like a pipe-dream.