80-Year-Old Accidentally Confesses to Murder on Camera

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An octogenarian was arrested Wednesday after he slipped up and admitted to the murder of an attorney. The confession is believed to have been an accident, as the man confessing to the murder wasn’t aware that the recorder he was speaking into was still recording. It was, and now the man is facing first-degree murder charges.

Kansas City attorney Thomas Pickert was shot and killed in 2017. Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker has filed charges against David Jungerman.

“Jungerman’s name first surfaced just after the shooting of Pickert, 39, and he was questioned by Kansas City Police, who at the time were careful to say that he wasn’t a suspect,” the Kansas City Star writes.  “Jungerman was reportedly angry that Pickert had won a $5.65 million verdict against him in the assault of a homeless man.”

Pickert had sued Jungerman on behalf of Jeffery Harris (above), who Jungerman shot when he found Harris stealing copper from his property in 2012. In that suit, Pickert won $5.75 million in the civil suit.

Pickert’s death in 2017 was shrouded in mystery. He had dropped his two kids off at school and returned home only to be shot on his front porch. Just one day before, a judge had ordered the seizure of property belonging to Jungerman in an attempt to pay off the debt from the law suit.

“Jungerman was arrested in March on a separate incident and has been in the Jackson County Detention Center under $1 million bond,” the Star adds. “Search warrants issued after that arrest brought new evidence, including a tape that Jungerman accidentally recorded talking to a friend, saying he had ‘murdered’ someone who had ’caused me a lot of problems,’ and that ‘when I think about it, I grin’.”

“People uh know that I murdered that son of a…” he is quoted as saying in court documents.

On the tape he tells one of his employees that he “killed a lawyer with a gun and gotten away with it.”

Despite the confession on the tape, Jungerman still insists he had nothing to so with the death. Police disagree. They are lining up witnesses who claim Jungerman bragged about the killing. They also have ballistic evidence matching the murder weapon that they found in a van that witnesses report seeing at the scene (also seen in the image above at the site of the 2012 shooting at Jungerman’s warehouse). The van belongs to Jungerman.

This video details the immediate aftermath of Pickert’s killing. Jungerman is featured prominently, even then.

And now, more than six months later, there’s this one: