8 of The Most Cringeworthy Moments That You Can’t Forget In Oscar History

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With the 89th Oscar award show happening tonight, it’s a perfect time to go back and reminisce about the awkward or cringeworthy moments that took place in past Oscar shows. The highest honors in the movie industry have been some of the lowest moments for an unlucky few.


To start, lets go back four years to 2013 when big-time actor Jennifer Lawrence was awarded her Oscar for best actress for her role in “Silver Linings Playbook.” Dressed in a stunning white dress, she tripped going up the stairs and had to be helped up by the chivalrous Hugh Jackson.


The next is also in 2013 and is possibly the most cringeworthy moment on the entire list. Funny man, Seth Macfarlane was hosting the Oscars and as he usually does start with some lude humor. He started singing “We saw your boobs” and referencing actress in the audience that was nude on camera.


Okay, I take the previous statement back, this one takes that cake for most awkward. In 2000, Angelina Jollie brought her brother as her guest. The two shared an intimate kiss that did not resemble sibling love but something more. Jollie later was her first nomination for best-supporting actress in the movie “Girl, Interrupted.”


We are taking it back old school with this next one. In 1974, David Niven was hosting the Oscars and was about to introduce the talented Elizabeth Taylor, when a naked man ran across the stage. It was suspected that the incident was staged but was never proven so.


Last year, artist Sam Smith won best original song for “Writing’s on the Wall” in the most recent James Bond film. Nothing strange about that right? Wrong, Smith, who is openly gay, thought that he was the first gay man to win an oscar, which was incorrect. He was scolded on Twitter by the LGBT community and eventually quit Twitter altogether.


In 1988, the Titanic wasn’t the only thing sinking. The director of the film, James Cameron took home about every Oscar for the critically acclaimed film. In his last award for the night, Cameron quoted himself from his own movie saying, “I’m king of the world! Woo!” The response was less the enthused by the quote.


In a flagrant attempt to boost the ratings from the previous year, which was a debacle, Anne Hathaway and James Franco were asked to host the Oscars. The whole incident was tough to watch as it became evident the two never spent time together and had no chemistry. Needless to say, the two won’t be hosting them again in the near future.


Lastly, the whole debacle of the Oscars being “racist.” With the boycotting of Black actors and actresses not being acknowledged during the event, which is false, found an awkward moment with Stacey Dash wishing the crowd happy black history month.


Chris Rock, who hosted the event, looked stunned and confused with the whole ordeal. Sunday will surely be no different with more awkward moments to ensue.