7 Motorcyclists Dead And Others Injured as Truck Plows Through Group on Highway [VIDEO]

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A chaotic scene unfolded on the highway Friday night after a Dodge pick-up truck collided with a procession of motorcycles, which left seven dead and 3 injured. Witnesses watched in horror as bodies were spewed all over the highway. The accident left the interstate road shut down for hours after the crash as investigators try to determine what happened.

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The deadly crash took place on Route 2 near the town of Randolph, New Hampshire, around 6:30 pm. With the seven dead, authorities also announced two more were injured and airlifted to a nearby hospital. A third injured rider was taken in an ambulance to the same hospital, the Daily Mail reported.

New Hampshire State Police Capt. Chris Vetter detailed the carnage and horrific event in a press conference late Friday night.

“It’s tragic for those involved, tragic for the families, so we’re doing our job, we’re doing our work and our thoughts are with the people who were adversely affected by this,” he explained. Witnesses at the scene took multiple photos that showed wreckage from their motorcycles all over the road, as well as the Dodge pick-up truck on fire.

Fellow drivers immediately stopped and tried to help those injured while they waited on paramedics to arrive on the scene.

One witness, Travis Hood, told reporters how he held one of the rider’s hands until he died. “I held his hand, and I tried to get him to, I’m like, ‘Squeeze my hand. Stay with me. You’re a strong guy. You’ve got this. Toward the end, when the ambulance got there, I could feel him losing strength,” he recalled.

Miranda Thompson, who was a few cars behind the initial crash, recalled seeing bodies everywhere and the truck on fire. “People were in the grass. There were people putting tourniquets on people, trying to make sure they didn’t move,” Thompson said, before adding: “You could tell people were lost who it happened too… It was a sad day for all of them.”

The crash reportedly took place within 500 feet of where the group of motorcyclists was staying. The names of the deceased have not been released until the next of kin is notified.