FBI Removes Six White House Staffers After Major Issues With Security Clearances [VIDEO]

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Newly elected President Donald Trump has been having a turbulent time with the media and with his cabinet nominees. Trump just took another blow as six of his White House  staff members were fired after failing security/background test, according to The Washington Examiner.


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The dismissed staff members found out they failed their FBI background checks resulting in an undisclosed number being physically escorted out of the White House.

The six staffers also failed their SF86, which is a questionnaire used to determine one’s level of security clearance. The test covers a range of topics but takes into consideration someone’s credit score, substance use, and various other personal subjects.


One person who was interviewed after being taken off the premises was Caroline Wiles. Wiles worked on a direct line to President Trump within the scheduling department. Wiles claimed she resigned before the background checks were complete.

One would wonder, if you were going to work in the White Hosue knowing how strict the rules are, wouldn’t you make sure you could pass a few simple considerations before accepting a position?


The process of completing the SF86 involves a lengthy and sometimes intrusive questionnaire. Reports from those who have completed it state it is a 5-6 hour data input, according to Clearance Jobs.


The White House has yet to respond to the announcement of the six fired from their positions. This week just continues to get worse for the president and his staff with Michael Flynn being fired from his National Security Adviser position and increasing scrutiny over staff involvement with Russia.


On top of that, fast food CEO Andrew Puzder withdrew his name from consideration as Labor Secretary after it was discovered he would not have had the votes to be granted the nomination.

Alleged spousal abuse deterred Republicans from supporting him and a disgraced Puzder headed back home.