50 Baboons Escape Paris Zoo. Area Evacuated

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In a scene reminiscent of the film “Jumanji,” where various wild animals ended up roaming the streets, a popular attraction was evacuated after a group of approximately 50 baboons escaped their enclosure and began running rampant through the zoo, ultimately gathering near a central feature called Grand Rocher, or “Big Rock.”

Employees at the Paris Zoological Park quickly helped evacuate the visitors touring the zoo and began working to capture the escaped baboons.

Paris police also assisted with the evacuation and helped otherwise secure the zoo, which will remain closed until the incident is confirmed to be over.

The break out was originally discovered when an employee came across one of the baboons in a corridor, leading them to sound the alarm.

After the notification went out, “a recapture procedure was immediately launched.”

Fox News reports that all but four of the primates were contained in a closed area of the facility, according to a statement from Jerome Munier, a spokesman for the Paris Zoological Park.

In an effort to capture the remaining baboons, zoo employees plan to use sedative arrows to subdue the monkeys before returning them to the rest of the group.

Zoo officials said that the evacuation was ordered because baboons are “stronger than us,” and could significantly harm a person should they come into contact with a human.

The escaped primates are Guinea baboons and originate from West Africa. According to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, the monkeys are considered a “near threatened” species, suggesting that population declines have been noted or a loss of habitat could result in their extinction at a later time.