Four Men With Rifles Stormed Into His Home. He Took Down All of Them With an AK.

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Critics of the Second Amendment often argue that armed self defense is a myth. It is not. It happens every day. Those that will acknowledge its existence often rally for strict limits on magazine capacity. Now a story is developing in the Lone Star State that is an excellent argument for a Second Amendment with no restrictions.

At almost 1:00 a.m., four men tried to break into a home in Houston. The homeowner was armed with a pistol and managed to stop the assault.

“One suspect died in front of the home,” The Houston Chronicle writes. “Another was shot in the leg and was found at the scene. Two other suspects fled in an SUV, but the driver collapsed a few blocks down 71st at Harrisburg, where he crashed into a pole. He died there. The fourth male fled on foot, but collapsed at Capitol and 71st. He later died at a hospital.”

The police have not pressed charges against the homeowner and say the incident looks to have been self-defense.

Police said the homeowner was not hurt.

“A neighbor who lives nearby said he was on his porch with his baby when two men showed up with large rifles,” KHOU writes. “That neighbor says he ran inside his home and took cover. He said he believes the men were at the home to rob his neighbor, however he says he does not know what they were after. He said he doesn’t know his neighbor’s name and only calls him ‘Flaco’.”

Houston Police Department homicide detective Travis Miller told reporters that his department believes they have accounted for everyone who was involved in the incident. The living suspect may be able to fill in much of the missing details, but no statements have been released yet from him.

Several people reportedly showed up to the scene later Saturday morning. They claimed to be related to the men who were shot. They couldn’t get too close to the scene, as police had the area taped off.

If the evidence markers outside of the house are any indication, it appears the men outside fired back at the homeowner, many times.

There’s sure to me more to this story as those present open up.