29-Year-Old Charged With Punching 61-Year-Old Protester at Trump Rally [VIDEO]

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Donald Trump’s rallies throughout the United States have, in many instances, turned physically violent as supporters and protestors often clash due to differences in political ideology. A recent rally saw a 29-year-old Trump supporter arrested after he brutally assaulted a 61-year-old protestor. He is being held on $10,000 bond.

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The physical act was captured on video outside a Trump rally taking place in Cincinnati, Ohio, earlier this month. In the video, Dallas Frazier was driving by the rally when he saw a group of anti-Trump protesters. An exchange of words took place, resulting in the 29-year-old from Kentucky attacking a man who is over 30 years his senior.

According to the Daily Mail, Frazier reportedly got out of the vehicle and began shouting: “You want some,” before he laid a barrage of hits on Mike Alter, whose glasses broke in the fight.

Officers who were right next to the incident immediately arrested Frazier. As Frazier was being taken away, protesters began chanting: “Lock him up,” a play on the slogan first started by Trump supporters at a rally in 2016 speaking about Hillary Clinton.

Alter spoke to numerous news outlets after the attack where he gave his account of what happened. “He started just whaling on my head. I didn’t go down, for what that’s worth,” Alter told WCPO in a phone interview.

Alter was taken to a nearby hospital to get check out. He suffered blurry vision and lumps on his head, the Daily Mail reported.

When asked if he plans to stop protesting, Alter said: “I’m not going to let that guy intimidate me. Not at all,” he told Fox 19. “Like that was going to shut me up. It’s done the opposite now.”

According to authorities, Frazier was the only person arrested that day at the rally. When the president started his rally later that night, he was interrupted twice in 80 minutes by protesters. Frazier was charged with assault.