2 Illegal Immigrants Wave to Camera in Texas Court After Murdering Teen Girl in Satanic Ritual [VIDEO]

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Two members of the deadly MS-13 gang and illegal immigrants from El Salvador, are accused of murder, kidnapping and a host of other charges in the Houston Texas area after it was revealed that they held a 14 year old girl against her will, tortured her, and raped her.

A second girl was allegedly murdered by the pair as a “sacrifice” after she damaged a “satanic shrine” in their apartment.

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According to a local report from the Houston Chronicle:

Diego Hernandez-Rivera, 18, and leader of the group Miguel Alvarez-Flores, 22, also known as “Diabolico,” were arrested Monday on charges of aggravated kidnapping in one case and murder in a second in the shooting death of an unidentified woman’s body earlier this month on a Houston road.

Hernandez-River and Alvarez-Flores laughed, smiled and waved for the media cameras during Thursday morning’s hearing. Both are immigrants in the country illegally, according to court records.

The men remained Thursday in the Harris County jail under $300,000 bond that was set at a later court hearing before state District Judge Maria Jackson.

In the kidnapping case, the female victim allegedly ran away from school around Feb. 2, to an apartment on Glenmont. There she tried to leave and was held against her will for four days and sexually assaulted by one of the gang members.

The victim was then held for around 14 days at a different location on Gessner.

When the first victim spoke to police she told them about another girl who had been in the apartment along with her. When the other, unidentified girl fought back, she damaged a “satanic shrine” in the apartment.

The men then said that a sacrifice must be made to “the beast”.

The two men took the unidentified girl to a remote location and each took turns shooting her, once in the head and once in the chest. According to a report by the Daily Mail, police are asking the public for help in identifying the girl:

The girl is described as being Hispanic, around five feet tall and 108 pounds. Her hair was dark and wavy, and she had pierced ears.

She was also wearing three metal rings, one with an elephant pattern, one with leaf-like patterns, and one with small reflective stones.

A previous image of the woman, taken after she died, was released by the The Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences on February 21.

Authorities also released the following facial reconstruction of the victim:


Along with a photo of jewelry she was wearing:


Dozens of MS-13 members across the country have been arrested for violent crimes, many including murder, in recent months as law enforcement attempts to prevent the gang from gaining a stronger foothold in the US. Most of those arrested are in the United States with an illegal immigration status.

Here is video showing Hernandez-River and Alvarez-Flores in court, laughing and waving to the news cameras behind them.