19 Cars Had Their Tires Obliterated Thanks to the Mother of All Potholes [VIDEO]

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We have all hit a massive pothole at one point or another that made us wonder if we left half of our vehicle behind in the road. We immediately turn the music down and drive in silence, listening for the sound of damage. We usually make light of the situation chuckling about our tax dollars at work, and we vow to avoid that hole the next time.

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On one rainy night, a Michigan news crew went out to cover a story about the ever-growing number of potholes. They stumbled across one massive pothole and decided to set up shop there.

The reporter on scene details the events unfolding in front of him in a very dark and ominous tone as if he knows some cars are about to be in the shop for the next few days as he watches car after car hit the pothole.

In the span of a minute and a half video, 19 cars are seen hitting the mother of all potholes, and vehicle after vehicle is seen pulling to the side due to a blown out tire. As the reporter looks on, he acknowledges that 10 cars have already hit the pothole and are on the side of the road waiting for assistance.

In the middle of his sentence, he stops and corrects himself by stating “make that 11 cars.” A concerned citizen that is only referred to as Harold is seen pulling out road flares and placing them on the ground in an effort to divert traffic away from the pothole that has already claimed 11 victims.

As you could guess, the news crew does nothing to try and save the unsuspecting drivers’ vehicles as they carry on recording. Eventually, the road flares die out and the pothole is back in business destroying cars.

In the end, the pothole popped the tires of 19 vehicles. The local news crew recording the incident claimed this pothole has been complained about over a dozen times with no one coming to fix it.