15 Year Old Arrested After Spitting in Bottle of Iced Tea and Putting it Back on Shelf

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Some people just never learn. A 15-year-old boy was arrested for tampering with a consumer product after he took an Arizona tea off the shelf, spit in the bottle, then put it back on the shelf for an unsuspecting customer to buy. This marks the second time in a month that a teen has been caught tasting an item and then putting it back on the shelf.

The Texas teen, who was not named due to his age, was caught on video surveillance at Albertson’s Supermarket grabbing an unopened bottle of Arizona Tea and taking a sip of it.

For whatever reason, the teen then spit the sip back into the bottle and put it back on the shelf, the Daily Mail reported.

A store employee, along with the store’s asset protection employee, watched the incident unfold live in front of them from a surveillance camera. Police were called to the supermarket shortly thereafter.

When questioned by police, the teen claimed he took a sip of the drink and spit it back in the container because it was “gross.” The teen was arrested and charged with tampering with a consumer product, which is a second-degree felony.

The teen is being held at Ector County Youth Center, according to CBS 7. Officers and the store employees say they do not see this as a laughing matter as its “something we take very seriously.”

This has not been the first time someone has opened a container, tasted it, and put it back on store shelves. Last month, social media was set ablaze when another Texas teen went into a grocery store, opened a tub of ice cream and then proceeded to lick it before putting it back on the shelf.

Ironically, the teen ousted herself after her friend recorded the incident and posted in on social media. Once the video went viral, it got the attention of law enforcement. The teen was identified, but officers refused to charge her as an adult.