14-Year-Old Transforms 1974 Camper With Her Own Bare Hands

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Few of the stories we read about teenagers cast them as productive members of society. This isn’t a surprise to those of us who were once teenagers. That makes stories like this one all the more interesting. Ellie Yeater, just 14, took on a massive restoration project. And the results are nothing short of amazing.

Yeater’s renovation is even more compelling becasue she funded the project herself. She bought the old camper for just $200, and put in most of the work herself.

The West Virginia teen took apart the old camper with the help of family. The process was chronicled on Woodworking Adventures.

Yeater’s mother said her daughter is “an out-of-the-box kinda kid.”  The money she spent on the project came from chores and from birthday presents.

Some of the improvements simply added new layers of finish to the camper’s solid bones. There’s a lot that can be done with paint.

But inside the camper, the woodwork needed some updating, too. And the floor had to be refinished.

Beyond the simple structural elements and refinishing basics, though, was Yeater’s desire to make the camper into something truly unique.

She finished it off with her own unique sense of style.

The renovation has attracted a lot of attention to the teen. Her accomplishment has truly set her apart from her peers and defies the stereotypes of her generation.