11-Year-Old Makes ‘Ice Cold Beer’ Sign to Draw in Customers to His Stand. Neighbors Call the Cops

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Lemonade stands are a popular way for kids to make money during the hot summer months. However, Seth, a savvy 11-year-old, decided he wanted to stand out from the crowd. He created a sign that advertised “ice cold beer” and set up a stand, but some of his neighbors weren’t thrilled about it and called the authorities.

The incident took place in Brigham City, Utah. After Seth set up his stand, he created a sign which read, “ICE COLD BEER” to draw in customers.

His neighborhood quickly took notice of the signage, and the Brigham City Police Department, according to a report by CNN, received three reports about his small business.

Officers headed to the location to investigate, but all they found was a child with sales chops.

When they approached Seth, officers discovered that he was selling ice-cold root beer.

“Quite honestly, once our officers got there, they found it quite ingenious,” said BCPD Lt. Tony Ferderber.

While Seth’s sign appeared to only say, “ice cold beer,” from a distance, in small letters above “beer” was a tiny “root.”

Seth’s parents admitted they assisted him with the marketing campaign as well.

“What better way to get peoples’ attention?” said Alexis Parker, Seth’s mother.

The responding officers did buy a bottle of root beer from Seth, according to Ferderber. They also shared images of his stand on the department’s Facebook page.

Since the Facebook post, Seth says business has been good. He intends to keep the root beer stand open until the start of the school year, and he – along with his mother – continue to try and think up new improvements that could bolster business.

In fact, they already have plans to expand and hope to have stands in nearby towns soon.