11-Year-Old Boy Thwarts Home Intruders by Striking a Would-Be Robber with a Machete

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A quick-thinking 11-year-old boy managed to thwart a home invader. After a man entered Brayden Smith’s home, forcing him into a bedroom closet, he decided to take action. The boy – who is an avid baseball player –grabbed a machete and confronted the gun-toting intruder, striking the man in the back of the head with the machete.

The incident took place at about 11:00 am local time on Friday in Mebane, North Carolina, according to a report by ABC News.

While Smith was talking with his mother, Kaitlin Johnson, on the phone, someone knocked on the door of Smith’s house. Johnson said she heard one of the suspects say that the house was empty, leading the intruder to enter the premises.

When Jataveon Dashawn Hall, 19, made it inside, he discovered Smith and forced the boy to get into a bedroom closet. Then, Hall and his accomplices began ransacking the home.

“[Smith], who is a star baseball player on several area teams, left the closet and was able to gain access to a machete. He entered the living room behind the intruder, swung the machete, and struck the man in the back of the head,” said the Orange County Sheriff’s Office in a statement.

After being struck, Hall kicked Smith in the stomach, knocking him against a sofa. Smith rushed back to his feet and headed toward Hall again, taking another swing with the machete. This time, Smith missed.

“The intruder then kicked the child in the side of the head and turned to grab several items, including a television and a PlayStation,” said the statement from the sheriff’s department. “At this point, the intruder realized he was bleeding significantly from the machete strike. He dropped the electronics, exited the residence, and all three suspects fled the home.”

Johnson, who lives in another state, heard about 12 minutes of the encounter and contacted a local relative to have them contact the authorities.

Sheriff’s deputies found Smith, who was safe, issued an all-points bulletin for Hall, and alerted area hospitals that the suspect may seek out medical treatment.

At about 1:00 pm, Hall arrived at UNC Hospital – Hillsborough. Hospital staff treated Hall and alerted local authorities. As Hall’s condition worsened, he was transferred to Chapel Hill’s UNC Medical Center.

However, Hall managed to walk out of the hospital after receiving treatment, but before law enforcement made contact. Hall reportedly told a nurse that he “needed to leave because the police were going to be looking for him.”

While Hall left at 8:23 pm, Sheriff Charles Blackwood says that the hospital didn’t notify the sheriff’s office of Hall’s departure until 6:26 am on Saturday.

Hall was eventually located, though he wasn’t found until over 40 hours after he left UNC Medical Center. Two other unidentified suspects are also being sought by law enforcement.