100,000+ Evacuated as Catastrophic Volcano Eruption Becomes Imminent

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While a handful of evangelical Christians see signs of doom and apocalypse in the global storms and conflagrations, most of the affected populations have more earthly concerns. 100,000 people are now involved in a massive evacuation in a remote country with very little infrastructure and nowhere for the residents to go. What has them concerned? A volcano.

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The Indonesian island of Bali is smoking. Mount Agung is about to blow. The volcano has been showing signs that its eruption is eminent. The residents of the region are being housed in temporary camps, sports centers, and many of Bali’s public buildings.

Scientists have encouraged anyone within roughly eight miles of the mountain to leave, and many of those farther out are leaving, too.

“I would definitely be following the advice to stay outside the exclusion zone,” Heather Handley, an assistant earth sciences professor at Sydney’s Macquarie University, told The Daily Mail. She says all signs point to an imminent eruption.

Mount Agung is close to Bali’s tourism industry, and hasn’t erupted since 1963.

Many of the residents that have evacuated have taken their livestock with them. The evacuation efforts are now focusing on removing the livestock. Authorities are hoping to remove 30,000 cows from the area, but that part of the evacuation is moving more slowly.

The Indonesian Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation recorded 125 volcanic earthquakes in one six hour period.

“If we look at the magnitude, it continues to increase, yesterday we also felt several quakes with the magnitude of three on the Richter scale,” said Kasbani, the center’s lead volcanologist.


Bali President Joko Widodo toured the area Wednesday. “While the government will continue to try to minimize the economic losses of the community, the most important priority is the safety of the people here,” Widodo said.

“So I ask all people around Mount Agung to follow instructions from the officials and minimize the impact of this volcano.”