10 Year Old Proves Tom Brady is a Cheater, Wins Science Fair [VIDEO]

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Tom Brady is widely considered the best player in NFL history. Love him or hate him, Brady has the stats and the rings to back up these claims. But in the 2015 AFC Championship Game, Brady found himself engulfed in a scandal that charged that he deflated footballs, which would have given the Patriots a competitive edge.

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Now we have proof of Brady’s guilt – at least as far as Ace Davis is concerned. For his science fair project, 10-year-old Ace, a fifth-grader at Millcreek Elementary School in Lexington, Kentucky, chose to scientifically prove that Brady was a cheater. With help from his mom, dad and sister, Ace inflated footballs at varying pressure and threw them to see if any of the footballs would give one a competitive edge.

The Davis family found that the balls with the lower pressure were able to be thrown further than the balls will the NFL mandated pressure. Additionally, the lower pressure balls were able to be thrown more accurate, leading to the proverbial nail in the coffin proving Brady indeed cheated.

With his scientific observations in hand, Ace entered the school’s science fair. And to his amazement, he was awarded first place by the judges. His father, Christopher Davis, celebrated his son’s first-place victory by posting the project on his Facebook page with the caption reading: “Hater level: 100.”

The three-panel project has various images of Brady with graphs and statistics. In the middle panel, the question: “Is Tom Brady a Cheater?” scribbled across the top.

Towards the end of his project, Ace concluded his hypothesis with: “The Patriots were found guilty of doctoring football [sic], thus losing $1,000,000 and future draft picks. Tom Brady is indeed a cheater.”

The six-time Super Bowl winner was suspended for four games of the 2016 season after the NFL determined Brady and staff members for the team were intentionally deflating balls after the referees checked them before kick-off.

When asked what he would say to Brady if he met him, Ace stated: “Gimme some of your money, you don’t deserve it.” Ace didn’t hide his disdain for Brady when he was interviewed by NFL Draft Diamonds. “I hate Tom Brady, he’s been accused of cheating before, I want him to be caught,” he said.

And there you have it, the proof all Brady haters wanted.