10 Year Old Leads Police on High Speed Chase, Assaults Officers After Stealing Car

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Some kids seem old for their years. They exude that old-soul wisdom that many adults never manage to find in themselves. Then there is this 10-year-old felon. While he may lack some basic commonsense, he does have a leg up on his peers. And he now has a rap sheet that will certainly be the talk of the playground.

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The problems began when the juvenile delinquent stole the family’s Toyota Avalon. After Ohio highway patrol officers were alerted, they joined in the chase that approached speeds of 100 miles per hour.


“A man dialed 911 after he saw a 2004 Toyota Avalon swerving across Interstate 90 west,” Fox writes. “Westlake police officers spotted a speeding car being chased by another vehicle, possible driven by the boy’s mother.”

The initial chase covered more than 15 miles. Then the boy turned onto the Ohio Turnpike. There, the Ohio Highway Patrol set up a rolling road block.They escorted the boy for more than 20 miles while he swerved recklessly through traffic.

When the troopers put down tire strips, the kid took to the shoulder. He drove alongside the highway for a good distance, off-roading, banging over obstacles. Then a police cruiser clipped his rear bumper and the pit maneuver spun the car into a road-sign, effectively ending the chase.  There, police were able to surround him with their vehicles and forced him to stop.

“It was very lucky no one was hurt,” Highway Patrol Sergeant Tim Hoffman told The Associated Press.

No one was hurt, but that doesn’t mean the little miscreant went peacefully. As officers apprehended him, he spat at them and kicked one of the officers in the chin.

While authorities haven’t released his name, they have indicated that this isn’t the first time the boy has stolen the family car. This time, though, he isn’t going back home. Not immediately.

“The boy was taken to a hospital by a legal guardian, and will be placed in the custody of Erie County Children’s Services before being evaluated,” Fox notes. Criminal charges are pending.

So why does a 10-year-old steal a car and risk his life and the lives of others? The boy told authorities he was bored.