A Cop Got Caught Checking Out Miesha Tate’s Butt, Here’s How She Evened the Score.

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UFC Champion Miesha Tate was surprised to find out that news of her victory over Holly Holm was over shadowed by a Las Vegas police officer who couldn’t resist taking a peak at her butt as she bent over during the weigh in for the fight, but she got some payback.


So how does a world championship fighter take care of business? With an immediate rematch. And that’s exactly what Tate decided to do.

Tate tracked down officer Russel Mettke and made a video of her little revenge.


According to RT:

Meisha Tate has levelled the score with the cop who was caught checking out her ass as the fighter put on her shorts during the press conference for her recent UFC 196 fight in Las Vegas.


The cheeky officer became an internet sensation after UFC Coach Rafael Cordiero posted an Instagram video in which the cop can be seen sneaking a peak at Tate’s behind.

The video was also shared by MMA daily, and shows the officer trying his level best not to look, feigning an earnest expression and pretending to be staring off into the distance, before finally caving to temptation and glancing at Tate’s booty.

But let’s be honest, Officer Mittke did a d*&# good job of looking the other way. He lasted way longer than most guys would.

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And one more for good luck:

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Let's do this #UFC200

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