“Veteran” Who Wore 82nd Airborne Hat Gets Called Out. By the 82nd Airborne.

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The internet has not been forgiving of those gathered at the “Unite the Right” rally this past weekend. Many of the participants have been publicly outed and shamed for their views. And one of those is this man, seen here giving the KKK salute. He made the mistake of wearing an 82nd Airborne hat, and the 82nd Airborne was not amused.

For those who have been living under a rock, the 82nd is has a long history of fighting fascism. The 82nd Division of the National Army was formed on 5 August 1917 in the early days World War I. This was before anyone was jumping out of working airplanes. The 82nd was comprised of soldiers from all 48 states, so it they were nicknamed “all American.” The patch even supports the AA logo.

In World War II, the 82nd was jumping out of planes. They were all over Europe, fighting in Italy, France, and Germany. They saw many of the fascists face to face. And then they killed them.

So how does the 82nd tie into the rally in Charlottesville? That’s what many were asking. And those who know the history of the 82nd were not pleased to see their division associated with the views of those gathered at the rally.

“U really think that guy is an active member of the 82nd just because he has that hat? My mom has that same hat. She’s 78 & has never served,” said the man behind the 82nd Airborne’s Twitter account.

“Anyone can purchase that hat,” the 82nd Airborne wrote on its official Twitter page. “Valor is earned.”

Brandon Friedman, a former Obama administration official, shared the photo on Twitter. The 82nd’s nickname is “the all American division.” It seemed to Friedman to be anything but “all American.”

The identity of the man is still in question. Though his image has been shared thousands of times, it is still not known publicly. And it isn’t certain if he is a veteran or just someone wearing a hat.

As it is, it seems like the 82nd may have to come together one more time to fight some old-school fascists. They weren’t a match for them in the 40s. I doubt they would be now.