US Airstrikes are Now Killing ISIS Fighters Whenever They Take a P*ss

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Poor ISIS. The wanna-be nation-state terrorist “organization” has out-kicked their coverage. The group never has had any semblance of cohesion, and they’ve yet to out together any organized supply lines, and now some of them are stranded in the desert, all alone. Luckily the US military is there to put them out of their misery.

The ISIS fighters have been stranded by a convoy that broke down. More than a week ago, 17 buses left the eastern edge of Syria. The convoy held somewhere between 300 and 500 ISIS fighters who were part of a truce reached between ISIS and the Syrian government’s forces.

The United States, though, doesn’t recognize any such truce. As such, they’ve been picking apart the convoy. Many of the ISIS fighters have their families with them, so it is hard to bomb the whole convoy. But the fighting age men in the group are easy to see.

“Whether it’s to evade by foot or to relieve themselves, if they make it far enough out there for us to strike, then we will,” U.S. Army Col. Ryan Dillon told Foreign Policy.

We have destroyed a bridge, which makes the road to Iraq useless. And the vehicles are stuck between the Syrian cities of As Sukhnah and Abu Kamal. A couple of buses turned back. The rest are stuck.

ISIS had laid siege to Dier ez-Zur, for more than a year, and still has fighters in the area, but their numbers are dwindling.


U.S. Central Command is permitting the resupply of the stranded vehicles (food and water only), but will not allow the ISIS fighters to make it to Iraq.

“Irreconcilable ISIS terrorist should be killed on the battlefield, not bused across Syria to the Iraqi border without Iraq’s consent,” Brett McGurk, the U.S. envoy to the international coalition fighting ISIS tweeted.

“The Syrian regime is letting women and children suffer in the desert,” Lt. Gen. Stephen J. Townsend, commander of the Combined Joint Task Force — Operation Inherent Resolve, wrote in a statement. “This situation is completely on them.”

This looks like a bad situation for the remaining ISIS fighters, and one that could stay in this kind of limbo for a long time.