This All American Super Bowl Ad Stole the Show. Here’s Why It Couldn’t Air Until After the Game

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The Korean car company Hyundai isn’t immediately associated with American patriotism, but they have won over some converts after their touching Super Bowl commercial momentarily stole the show right after Sunday night’s game.

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Hyundai’s 90-second Super Bowl commercial shows US troops at military base in Poland, some 5,000 miles away from the action in Houston in Sunday evening.

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Select service members who were watching the game were called into a separate room. They had a surprise waiting. Their families were at the game, waiting for them via a live-feed.

Peter Berg directed the commercial. His films, like Patriots Day and Lone Survivor, often stir patriotic emotions.

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The 90-second “commercial” was filmed with the aid of live satellite technology and 360-degree cameras.  When the switch was flipped, Zagan, Poland and Houtson, Texas seemed much closer.

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While the moment melted hearts, it was still an effort to promote Hyundai. Yet this was one of the few commercials that didn’t have a more subversive undertone. Many that aired during the game were not-too-subtle jabs at President Trump’s efforts to prevent immigrants and refugees from entering the country.

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The Hyundai spot begins with the line: “Millions of people just watched the Super Bowl. Which wouldn’t be possible without our troops.”

“That’s why Hyundai made their Super Bowl a little better.”

Sergeant Richard Morrill, Specialist Erik Guerrero and Corporal Trista Strauch then take center stage.

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“I’ve got my wife Emily, my four-year-old daughter Hadley. The hardest thing about this deployment, can’t really explain it too well? Just, ‘Daddy’s got to go to work again.’,” Morrill said.

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“I’ve got my fiance, Danielle, and my two-year-old son, Liam. Just the world to me,” Guerrero said. “It’s tough for him to understand, because he’s used to me just being there.”

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“Being away is pretty rough,” Strauch added. “I’m just worried about my son growing up and missing daily things that he does.”

And did the audiences like the spot? It looks like they did.

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