The Marine Corps Just Put Out a Tutorial on Cooking Bacon with a Rifle [VIDEO]

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In a demonstration designed to show just how hot a suppressor can get as it is being fired, the Marine Corp released video “tutorial” that shows it is possible to cook bacon on the rifle, and it doesn’t take as many rounds as you might expect to reach the required temperature.

[Scroll down for video]

The presentation is led by Chief Warrant Officer 5 Christian P. Wade, Division Gunner with the 2nd Marine Division. His first piece of advice is to “recommend” not attempting to replicate these results with your Marine-issued rifle, saying, “You might get in some trouble.”

After asserting the gun in question was not Marine-issued, Wade moves forward with cooking bacon on the firearm. The purpose is “to show you how hot your suppressor can get” and the fact that Wade was “hungry.”

Wade went on to say, “This is about as America as you can get, right here,” as he wrapped individual strips of bacon around the suppressor before covering the entire bacon-wrapped length in foil.

As Wade began firing, upping the amount of heat running through the suppressor, you can clearly see smoke starts to waft from around the foil.

At one point, he unwraps the foil to determine that the bacon was “not crispy yet” and that it needed “a little more” before returning to firing the weapon.

On his next check, Wade declares that the bacon was “vaporized,” saying, “Guess we’re not eating today,” with a laugh.

As he released the bacon from the suppressor, he goes on to say, “So now you know. Be careful with your suppressor. It gets hot.”