Special Forces Testing New “Boba Fett” Style Combat Helmet

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Special Forces troops are now testing a new helmet that is leading many to draw parallels to the future-past imaginings of the Star Wars universe. But these aren’t science fiction. The new helmets are much more bulletproof than what’s currently being fielded, and they provide exceptional covering for the face.

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These Devtac Ronin Kevlar Level IIIA Tactical Ballistic Helmets are being called “Boba Fett” helmets by many.

The New York Post is reporting that the helmet “picks up signals from other people through ‘friend or foe’ vision and is air conditioned to protect against heat and gases.”

The lenses also have the ability to register heat signature and provide pop-up map projections that coordinate with GPS.

On the outside, armor protects against shrapnel, debris, fire, and even some bullets. Handgun rounds are stopped by the armor. It is rated to stop a .44 magnum (though the person inside would still take one hell of a punch).

These helmets are currently in use by U.S. special forces, and the SAS is jumping on board.

“For years the defense industry has been trying to find a way of protecting the head and this is the next development,” a source told The Daily Mirror.

“The helmet, already being used by special forces, is much more versatile than just stopping bullets. It is fitted with the latest communications technology and will help the soldier see the enemy no matter what the circumstances.”

The helmet also closes up the T-zone on the helmet (literally, the black T on his mask), which was always the practical downfall of Boba Fett’s Mandalorian armor. The result, for true Star Wars fans, might remind them of another character.

The testing will likely lead to quick adoption. The benefits of this seems to far outweigh any inconvenience.