RESPECT: Red Devils Paratrooper Saves Teammate When Chute Fails to Open [VIDEO]

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The Red Devils, the British Army’s parachute display team put on an unexpected show for fans when a parachute failed to open but disaster was averted when one devil grabbed the faulty chute and saved his teammate.

The unit says it’s the first time in 25 years, with more than 60 shows per year (that’s more than 1500 shows for the mathematically inclined), that a parachute has failed to open properly.

“We can confirm that the Red Devil parachutists are both safe and sound. For the first time in 25 years they had a parachute fail,” a message posted on the show’s Facebook page said.

Onlookers who saw the chute fail to open were horrified.

“It seemed to go on for ages and it’s just seeing the panic of everyone around you and seeing it on the parachute guys as well – the panic,” Lucy Milne told the BBC. “And then all of a sudden he just started to go really quick and everyone was holding their breath and then all of a sudden they were in the water.”