This F-16 Used Nothing but a Sonic Boom to Save a Special Forces Unit. Here’s How [VIDEO]

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You know the phrase, “stuck between a rock and a hard place”? In March 2003, that phrase took a whole other meaning when a group of 52 British special operators found themselves outnumbered 10:1 by 500 Iraqi soldiers.  To make matters worse, the light conditions were bad. Their night vision did nothing.


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Well, the only thing these 52 brave British special operators could do was call in two F-16s to assist them with air support. Due to the dark conditions, it was nearly impossible for the pilots to determine where the British operators were and where the Iraqi troops were. To call it a dilemma would be an understatement, as the Iraqi troops were preparing to rush the operators.


With quick thinking and their training instincts kicking in, the pilots came up with the idea to distract instead of attack. Why risk harming friendlies instead of the enemy when you can create a diversion?

Lt. Col. Ed Lynch shot up into the sky and climbed to the appropriate altitude before diving down! This allowed him to accumulate enough sonic energy as his jet neared the brink of sonic speed. The idea for this tactic was to direct the sonic energy towards to enemy to simulate the sound of an air strike and support.


Lt. Col. Ed Lynch pulled up around 3,000 feet from the ground, effectively delivering the sonic energy towards the Iraqi soldiers. The intended impact was reached and the Iraqi soldiers backed off enough for the 52 British special operators to get out of the hot zone.


At the time, Lt. Col. Ed Lynch had no idea that the tactic had worked as he had bigger issues to take care of. After he had effectively delivered the sonic boom, his jet was locked on to by a targeted missile and he had to use evasive escape maneuvers to get out of there. Watch the video below to find out more about this amazing story: