Navy Officer Is Overnight Instagram Sensation Due to Ridiculous Good Looks [PHOTOS]

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A 6’6″ naval officer has captured the internet’s attention and garnered more than 125,000 Instagram fans on the basis of one simple fact. Ladies think he’s hot AF.


Lasse Matberg, a lieutenant in the Royal Norwegian Navy, is currently serving as a sports officer at the NATO Joint Warfare Center


He went to culinary school immediately out of high school, and is a fully licensed chef and holds a bachelors degree in personal training and sports nutrition.


His Instagram stardom wasn’t a plan, it was just him posting picture to his personal page.


The page features plenty of pictures of him in various Norwegian Navy uniforms.

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As well as in casual clothes such as this day at the beach.


There are also photos from various competitions, such as this Tough Mudder photo.


Oh look, it’s a puppy!


So basically, you have a real life Thor who is a personal trainer and a classically trained chef.