This Theme Park Lets You Drive Tanks, Fire Machine Guns, and Generally Wreck S* [VIDEO]

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Why hasn’t anyone thought of this theme park idea before? If you never served in the military, then chance are you have never driven a tank or shot vintage military weaponry. Well, if this is the case, the military theme park, Drive A Tank, has you covered.


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Located at Kasota, Minnesota, Drive A Tank has been around for over a decade. They have packages ranging from $449 to $3,699 that consist of various military-oriented fun. The day starts with a 45-minute safety briefing, then you’re immediately thrown into a tank for some carnage.

You will be able to drive 15-ton British tanks that the military surplus after the cost was too high to keep maintenance up on them. You will be traversing various landscapes including woods and powering through mud pits.


The tank portion ends in spectacular fashion with you putting the 15-ton tank to good use. Visitors conclude their tank experience by running over perfectly good cars. The cars, once smashed, will be sold for scrap, so it’s a win-win for everyone.

After the tank course, visitors get the opportunity to shoot anti-material rifles like the Barrett 50 Cal. and belt-fed machine guns like the M1919 Browning. One employee sums it up perfectly after a guest shoots the M1919, “Now that’s one bada** motherf***r.”


The most common comment made after shooting the military weaponry is “I shot handguns before, but this is something else entirely.”


Drive A Tank is the only place you can drive a tank and shoot military-grade weapons that isn’t owned or operated by the government. The owner, Tony Borglum, says,“We’re trying to get normal people — civilians who wouldn’t normally have access to military equipment — a little bit of hands-on knowledge.”


Employee MarKessa Baedke-Peterson gave a warning to those who like manicures and perfume at the beginning of the video stating,” If you like manicures and getting dressed up, then this isn’t your place.” We could agree more, Markessa.