“Megan Leavey” The True Story of a Marine and K9 Savior Headed to Big Screen

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The Marine Corps. is making a concerted effort to redefine its image. Last week, we reported on news that the Marines are considering bringing on a new class of tech savvy war fighters. Now they’re promoting a movie based on the life of a Marine Corporal Megan Leavey and the dog she served with.

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The bio-pic shows a struggling Leavey trying to find her place in American society. After the death of a friend, she defies her family’s wishes and enlists in the Marines. Life in the Corps is going much better, until she is sent to a kennel to clean up after the dogs.

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That task, meant to punish her, is her salvation. She meets a Military Working Dog named Rex. The film casts Rex as a misfit with behavioral issues, and shows how the two develop a bond.

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When Leavey and Rex are deployed to Iraq, their bond is tested under fire. No spoilers here, but it doesn’t end well. As is often the case with dogs trained to sniff out IEDs, both Rex and Leavey come home with some serious wounds. And that’s when Leavey’s real fight begins. She has to save him.

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The film stars Kate Mara, Edie Falco, Ramon Rodriguez, Common, and Bradley Whitford. The film was directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite.

It is slated for a June 9 opening. Remember, this is a Hollywood retelling of the real-life story, and one with some complicated twists and turns. If the trailer is any indication, it appears to follow the story faithfully.

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Check out the trailer below. It looks like it will be an emotionally heart-wrenching film on a number of levels.

This is a big change in direction for movies about the Marines. It highlights the softer side, which is hardly common. And it also presents the bureaucracy as the enemy.

The film also highlights the role of women Marines. There’s a new commercial out this week that pics up on that theme. This one isn’t for a movie, though, but something far more significant.