Mattis Spotted Doing Something Very Uncharacteristic for Secretary of Defense

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Mad Dog Mattis has broken the mold for Secretaries of Defense. The retired General is a powerful man, and yet that power doesn’t appear to have gone to his head. Just look at the way he carries himself.

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Or perhaps a more telling indication would be that he carries his own bags. This mark of humility is emblematic of his leadership style and the respect he has for his underlings.

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He is on a tour of the east this week, and when he was boarding his plane to South Korea, he carried his own bags onto the plane.

The old “Warrior Monk” is known for taking a hands-on approach in his leadership style. His ability to relate to and move among his troops was part of what made him such a successful General. Now he’s taking that leadership style abroad in his visit to South Korea.

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Rep. Ryan Zinke is a veteran, a former Navy SEAL who served with Gen. Mattis in Fallujah, Iraq in 2004. He’s President Donald Trump’s nominee for Secretary of the Interior. Zinke spoke with Breitbart spoke highly of Mattis’ unique and admiral approach to leadership.

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“My experience serving with General Mattis in Iraq was one of the most formidable times in my 23-year service with the U.S. Navy SEALs,” Zinke said.

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“I learned a lot from the ‘Warrior Monk’ and can think of no other man or woman who is as well-equipped to serve as the next Secretary of Defense at this point in time.”

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“He makes a point of being in the thick of things with his troops and he makes a point of connecting personally with his men and women – something career bureaucrats in Washington are incapable of doing.”

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