Seven Years Ago Today, Navy SEALS Killed Osama Bin Laden With This Gun. Here’s What It Is.

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“For God and country — Geronimo Geronimo Geronimo. Geronimo E-KIA”. Those are the words that came across the radio on May 1, 2011 (May 2 local time) as a team of elite Navy SEALs flew back from a daring raid of a small compound in Abbotabad, Pakistan to kill or capture the most wanted man in the world, Osama bin Laden.

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Image 575

Of course, we all know how that mission played out. E-KIA means enemy killed in action, letting the President and his advisers know that bin Laden was dead.

According to reports, SEAL Rob O’Neill fired the fatal headshots that killed bin Laden during the raid after finding the terrorist leader hiding in the compound.

Image 577

The rifle used to end the life of the world’s most wanted man is an Heckler & Koch 416 with a 10″ barrel and a list of high dollar accessories.

According to the H&K website:

The HK416 A5 is a further development of the HK416 assault rifle in 5.56 x 45 mm NATO calibre. The most striking changes compared to its previous versions as well as to market available AR platforms include an improved and tool-less gas regulator for suppressor use, a redesigned, user-friendly lower receiver, which allows complete ambidextrous operation of the weapon and ensures optimised magazine compatibility, as well as numerous technical improvements to maximize the operator safety, reliability, ammunition compatibility and durability under real operating conditions.

Image 578

The likely load out of accessories for this mission would have included:

AAC Suppressor

Geissele trigger

Remington RAHG

Surefire Scout light

S&S Precision light mount

EOTech optic with EOTech 2x magnifier

Image 579

Advanced Target Pointer Illuminator Aiming Laser (ATPIAL)

Image 580

So, for somewhere north of $10,000+ you too can have the coolest gun on the block (minus killing bin Laden. You missed your chance for that.)

Here is the closest depiction we will likely ever have to what went down during the raid: