After America Drops Our Biggest Bomb, The Internet Drops Some Epic Memes

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When news broke Thursday morning that the Unites States had dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb in its arsenal on a remote region of Afghanistan, many tried to read a deeper meaning into the event. Was it a warning for Assad and the Syrian government? Was the Mother Of All Bombs actually a warning to North Korea? Either way, it was a big bomb.

04132017 b 29

And a contingent of Americans immediately took to the internet to express their approval.

04132017 b 26

A word of warning for the sensitive souls who may still be reading; stop now.

04132017 b 39

These are rarely politically correct.

04132017 b 27

Some can be down right offensive.

04132017 b 38

They are all celebratory in their own right.

04132017 b 40

Some are classics that have been repurposed through the years.

04132017 b 18

For those advanced students of psychology, a quick google search on the subject turns up many MOAB metaphors tied closely to the male reproductive process. We’ve avoided those.

04132017 b 23

Some are focused heavily on the foreshadowing offered to our other enemies.

04132017 b 20

Many celebrate the leadership of this guy.

04132017 b 24

Others are more realistic about leadership.

04132017 b 12

The following Mattis has is exceptionally loyal.

04132017 b 34

There were a lot of comparison’s to last week’s missile raid.

04132017 b 33

Some are just reposting the work of professional satirists.

04132017 b 32

Poor Obama. His legacy isn’t looking too strong.

04132017 b 30

They wouldn’t be memes without one or two versions of this one.

04132017 b 28

What? Too soon?

04132017 b 25

The resolution on some of the more road weary memes reminds me of those cassette tapes I used to record over again and again until they broke.

04132017 b 21

Competition orange. My favorite.

04132017 b 19

Nothing like a good visual gag.

04132017 b 17

That would be a lot of MOABs. Seem like wishful thinking.

04132017 b 16

The hair. Fitting.

04132017 b 14

It is a lot of freedom.

04132017 b 13

Very apt.

04132017 b 11

One of the more subtle punchlines.

04132017 b 10

One of the least subtle punch lines.

04132017 b 9

What a punch line should look like.

04132017 b 8

It would be interesting to know how many MOABs they have ready to roll out.

04132017 b 7

And the classic video games get their due, too.

04132017 b 6

Exactly. Look up. See how happy these people are? They love him.

04132017 b 5

Again with the freedom jokes.

04132017 b 2

This is the man, though. And if you’re wondering if he’s heeding the opinions of the various pundits out there, I’d say not highly likely.

04132017 b 1

I bet he’s sleeping well tonight.