82nd Airborne Soldiers Deployed in Afghanistan Reveal Gender of Fallen Comrade’s Baby

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Spc. Chris Harris was one of two soldiers that died after an IED struck their convoy on August 2. Harris’ wife, Britt, was pregnant at the time. Two months later, members of Harris’ unit, the 82nd’s 2nd Battalion, 504th Infantry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, who are still deployed downrange, released a video, revealing the gender of Harris’ unborn child.

The video was created by Harris’ brother soldiers and posted on YouTube with the message that welcomed a “new member of the company.”

Pfc. Joel Crunk of Mississippi, who served with Harris in Afghanistan, uploaded the video to his account. The description read, “August 2 2017 Chris Harris laid down his life for our country. His newly wed wife was expecting their first child. The reveal is in Afghanistan with the men who fought by his side. We are happy to welcome the new member of our company.”

The video shows several soldiers with confetti poppers and, after a countdown, they activate the poppers and fill the room with pink streamers and confetti, revealing that Britt is having a girl.

While the clip revealed the gender of Britt’s child, she wasn’t surprised by the result, as she already knew that she was having a girl. The reveal celebration was actually for the benefit of the soldiers in Afghanistan.

In fact, Britt helped coordinate the event. She wanted Harris’ comrades “to be the first to know the gender” and stated, “they were really excited.”

She said, “I told them I would ship confetti poppers or something and they could be the first to know and feel included.”

Britt said during an interview, “I probably watched [the video] 100 times myself.” She added, “I was crying but smiling because their reaction is so wonderful.”

Speaking about Harris, Britt said, “Christ is an only child. They were his family,” continuing, “Everyone that I’ve met, before Chris passed and after, if they’re in the military, they’ve treated me like actual family or royalty, actually.”

“Chris was an amazing guy and a great soldier,” said Crunk during an interview. “He sacrificed his life on the altar of freedom. I’m honored to share his story.”

Harris was killed near Kandahar in Afghanistan along with another soldier from the 82nd Airborne from Fort Bragg.

Britt intends to name her daughter Christian Michelle Harris when she is born.

h/t Task and Purpose