YouTuber Shows How Greedy People Can Be With Money Suit Social Experiment [VIDEO]

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This video just further cements the notion that the greedy can’t help themselves. YouTuber Coby Persin does a lot of prank videos and social experiments. In a recent video, he decided to tape a bunch of one dollar bills on a suit and walk through New York City.


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Full disclaimer ahead of time, there have been some recent incidents with various YouTube social experiments that turned out to be fake. So in the interest of fairness, we cannot confirm that this video was an actual experiment and was not staged.

Persin is holding a sign that says, “take what you need” and his main goal is to see who takes the money and how much they’ll take.


A businessman carrying a briefcase is the first in the video to approach. He proceeds to grab a handful of dollar bills and Persin asked, “do you really need this money?” The man replies, “who wouldn’t take it, it’s free.”


Next is a woman who walks by carrying a Louis Vuitton bag when she notices his sign. She quickly turns around and picks money off his suit. Her reasoning? She had a nail appointment tomorrow.


You can quickly start to see where this video is going. Another guy on his phone walks by and grabs a one off of him. He tells his friend on the phone about the guy walking around NYC with one dollar bills on him and proceeds to go back from more. “I don’t even need it,” he tells Persin.


The morale of the entire video comes after Persin crosses paths with a homeless man with a dog. A man who has nothing, no food or means to support himself, comes up and asks how Persin how he is doing. He then tells the homeless man to take whatever he wants.


To the surprise of many, the homeless man only takes what he needs to buy food for the night, two dollars. Persin is surprised by how little he took and asked if he needed more money to eat tomorrow? The homeless man humbly tells him no, he is just trying to get food for today, and other people can use the money.


Persin is amazed at his response and gives him $60 from his wallet so he can feed himself and his dog for the week. This video is the perfect example of people who continue to take even when they don’t have a real need. Their rationale? It’s free money. Why not?