You Think Traffic is Bad Where You Live? Here are the World’s Worst Cities For Evening Rush Hour

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Driving during rush hour is horrible, there probably isn’t a single person in the world that enjoys it, but some people’s commutes are far worse than others. We hear people complain about the traffic in Los Angeles all the time and rightly so, but it doesn’t even crack the top 10 on a global scale.

Traffic jam, Beijing, China

According to GPS manufacturer TomTom, the worst evening rush hour in the world is in Bankok, Thailand, taking the crown for a second consecutive year. TomTom tracked the traffic over a 12-month period in 390 of the busiest cities across 48 countries to come up with the results.

traffic 7

According to TomTom’s data, the top 15 cities with the worst evening rush hour are as follows:

  1. Bangkok, Thailand
  2. Mexico City, Mexico
  3. Bucharest, Romania
  4. Jakarta, Indonesia
  5. Moscow, Russia
  6. Chongqing, China
  7. Istanbul, Turkey
  8. St. Petersburg, Russia
  9. Zhuhai, China
  10. Santiago, Chile
  11. Guangzhou, China
  12. Shijiazhuang, China
  13. Shenzhen, China
  14. Los Angeles, U.S.
  15. Beijing, China

traffic 1

Only one US city, Los Angeles, made the list at fourteenth so that puts it all in perspective for you. Bangkok’s traffic has worsened over the years due to more and more people moving to suburbs with a lower population-density, meaning more have to commute to the city for work each day. Like a lot of the other cities on the list, Bangkok has become a victim of its own success with a growing population due to their booming economy.

traffic 2

While Mexico City’s horrendous evening rush hour is a well-known fact, the city’s traffic congestion is terrible any time of the day or night. Like Bangkok, many people in Mexico City live in the outer suburbs and although there is an extensive subway system, it doesn’t reach all the way to the areas where the population is growing the most, meaning there is really no other option but to drive to work.

traffic 3

Moscow might rank fifth on the list, but their traffic problem has actually eased recent in months due to the implementation of new parking laws, although it was still severe enough earlier on for the city to rank higher this year than it has in others. Istanbul’s traffic has also decreased slightly because people have been able to plan their journeys better thanks to authorities providing real-time traffic data.

traffic 4

Even though Los Angeles’ traffic has worsened over the years, the city continues to go down the ranks when compared to other cities around the world that are growing and developing at a much faster rate. So next time you are stuck in a jam just remember it could be worse. Far, far worse.

traffic 5

h/t CNN