Worst Fisherman Ever? The One That Got Away Also Sank The Boat.

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Black Marlin are big fish. They’re one of the most highly prized sporting fish. While some like mounting the nautical monsters on their walls, most fisherman are in it for the fight. And the photos of this fight off the coast of Panama show one fishing expedition that didn’t end well.

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As Marlin go, this one is sizable. Once hooked, a fish like this will run. The best way to land one is to tire it out. As it runs, you go with it. Pulling the weight of the boat and jumping free from the water help wear them down.

Unless the fish can really fight. They’re known to turn back on the boat and leap from the water. Often this results in a massive fish flying through the air and turning the tide on a fisherman who may not be fast enough to move.

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These photos, when they first surfaced, were thought to show this particular boat sinking. The fish, it was thought, had pulled down the back of the boat, flooding it.

That may not be the case. If you look at where the fish is in relation to where the boat is, it is clear that something else is at work. Experts think the captain of the boat may have meant to shift into reverse to allow the fish to run a bit, and then something unexpected happened.

But it wasn’t the fish.

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The manufacturer of the boat has had to defend their boat, and they’ve done so by blasting the captain on the Marlin Magazine Facebook page.

“Direct from Panama I was told that the sea conditions were not as calm as they seem to be in the pictures and the Captain was an experienced Captain,’ they wrote.

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They claim the captain slipped and hit the throttle, gunning the engine in reverse. The result was catastrophic. A wake flooded over over the rear of the boat, flooding it.

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“You can see how this might happen as you know when fighting a fish the Captain is facing aft with his hand on the throttles and when slipped the last thing your hand is holding onto is the throttle controls,” they wrote.

The boat? It sunk. The fish? Free to fight another day.

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