“World’s Sexiest Firefighter” is Gaining a Huge Online Following

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Attractive people just seem to have an edge in this world. Many become instant celebrities. Remember the “hot felon” who gained a following from his mugshot picture, then received a modeling job after he was released from prison? Well, now there’s Gunn Narten, a firefighter and celebrity in her own right..

Narten has been deemed the “world’s sexiest firefighter” and has a huge following online. Her Instagram account has surpassed 113,000 followers and includes photos of Narten at the gym and modeling her various bikinis.

Narten, who lives in Stavanger, Norway, has a tight toned figure, and as you might imagine, her images typically receive over 9,000 likes per post. The firefighter is using her popularity to support a cause she believes in. She wants everyone to “drop your phone” and live life.

She wants her followers to “make life good living,” and believes over using phones deteriorates relationships.

Many may be questioning if she wants her users to get off their devices and live their lives, why is she posting to social media? Aren’t her followers liking her posts through their mobile devices?

Yes, but Narten usually posts inspirational quotes along with her pictures to encourage her fan base to get out there and try something new. The 30-year-old’s Instagram is littered with photos of her working at her job as a firefighter.

According to the Daily Mail, Narten says her co-workers see her as a fellow firefighter. “We are like a family so they treat me like everyone else,” she said.

In her spare time, Narten also works as a personal trainer.

Along with advice on achieving rapid muscle growth, the “world’s hottest firefighter” also gives tips on her lifting techniques.

Narten told her followers that she has been fighting fires since she was 20 years old. “For me, being a firefighter is normal – my friends tell me I have ‘boy humor’ and I think I’m a little more ‘handy’ than most girls.”

Now that’s the kind of friend we could all use in our lives.