World’s Largest Working Fidget Spinner is Created Thanks to 3D Printing Technology

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The guy behind the YouTube channel Beyond the Press decided to up the ante on the fidget spinner craze by creating the largest working version in the world today that is made of similar materials to the original design. Using a Prenta 3D printer, he formed the four interlocking pieces, fitting them with industrial bearings to create the finished work.

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The process began with the creation of custom specifications to load into the printer.

Once the design phase was complete, the printer was sent to work to create the four primary pieces.

Each of the four sections of the fidget spinner took around 5 hours to print and are secured to one another using large screws designed to fit into the holes that were created during the printing process.

During the process, it was discovered two bearings were the wrong size, so steel weights were fashioned to fit into the outer circles on the fidget spinner.

Handles were added to make the design functional.

The final product measure nearly a meter, or approximately three feet, in length and came in at 55 kg or approximately 33 lbs.

While other large-scale fidget spinners have been built, the bodies of those spinners were made from materials like cardboard or plywood which were not used to create the original versions of the popular toy.

h/t Dude Comedy