Woman Slammed on Social Media for Sending Out Wedding RSVPs Before Her Boyfriend Proposed

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While many women have dreamed about their wedding day since childhood, one “bride-to-be” is being criticized on social media for being a bit overzealous. The woman sent out RSVPs for a “special event,” her wedding. The issue many Facebook users had with the idea is not that an RSVP request was sent, but that the woman isn’t even engaged.

A friend of the woman – who, according to a report by Fox News, shared the story anonymously online – said, “I love my friend dearly, and her boyfriend of a few years is really an awesome guy. Love hanging out with them!”

“Sometime after New Year’s Day,” the friend continued, “she did a Facebook game that told her she’s getting married this year (those fake fortune games).”

“I told her that I could see a wedding for them happening sometime though,” the friend stated.

“She messaged me on Instagram today to RSVP for a ‘special event’ on Zola, which is when I realized she’s really been planning her wedding!”

The friend began assuming that her pal’s boyfriend had proposed, but became “confused” when the woman said the proposal actually hadn’t happened yet.

“I’m really excited for her to get ready for this time in her life but I guess I’m confused as to what’s happening here lol,” said the friend.

Reactions to the story on Facebook were very mixed. One commenter asked, “Does this poor man know he is getting married?”

“Like I could see this being one of those ‘surprise baby we are getting married today situations,’” they added.

“Why do people plan their wedding BEFORE BEING PROPOSED TO?!” asked another Facebook user.

Some commenters were more supportive and admitted they had used a similar approach.

“We started planning our wedding about six months before we got engaged,” said one user, “not everyone takes a linear path.”

Another commenter proposed two “scenarios” that may be taking place.

“There are two basic possible scenarios here and one of them isn’t shameworthy at all,” said the Facebook user. “Scenario 1: Groom has no idea she’s planning a wedding, or knows she wants one but it hasn’t been decided yet/he’s uncertain/unwilling; aka it’s mostly her.”

“… Scenario 2: They have discussed their plans like adults and are planning, but he wants to surprise her with a formal proposal,” the user added. “Completely normal and not shameworthy.”

One person noted that the “weird part” was sending out RSVPs, not necessarily envisioning the event.

“Planning a wedding before an engagement isn’t a big deal, if both people are on board,” she wrote. “But already asking guests to RSVP to an ‘event’ is the weird part here!”