Woman Accidentally Scraped a Stranger’s Parked Car and Left a Note. The Following Day She Got a Text that Blew Her Away.

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Accidentally hitting a parked vehicle is always a stressful event, especially if no one is around. There is a moral dilemma people find themselves in. They ask themselves two questions: Do you just hightail it out of there or do you leave a note? Well, if you’re not a terrible person, you leave a note. One person did this and was amazed by the response.

Reddit user “Slathbog” explained how she clipped a parked car. Since she was in a hurry, she left a note that had her name, contact information and the reason why she didn’t stay. There was a little bit of paint exchanged when the two cars collided, but there didn’t seem to be any real damage, according to the woman who wrote the post.

A few hours went by and the woman still had not heard back from the person whose car she nicked. Finally, the following day, she got a text message from the car owner and to her surprise, it was a polite and kind exchange in an ordinarily tense situation.

“Hey there, this is [name removed] with the truck that you left a note on yesterday. Looked over the truck, scrape doesn’t look to (sic) bad on the taillight. Nothing that couldn’t get buffer out. I really appreciate the note, have a blessed day,” the car owner wrote.

The woman who hit the truck replied: “Hey thanks so much [name removed]! It didn’t look like anything significant to me but it also looked new and I know some people can be touchy about that. Would you like me to purchase any buffing supplies for you?”

The truck owner must have really been wanting to put postive energy out into the world as he even turned down the buffering supplies.

“That’s really kind of you man! You know what, if it’s possible… use that money on somebody else. Whether it’s a gift for a friend or a complete stranger, if you could pay it forward that way, I would really appreciate it.”

See, there are still good people out in the world.